Drivers crossing the Golden Gate Bridge will no longer have to worry about taking out their wallet as they pass the toll plaza as starting Wednesday, the span will go to all electronic tolling.

The switch will be in place for the morning commute on Wednesday. Golden Gate Bridge District officials have been using a media blitz to get the word out about the change, along with a large LED sign on top of the toll plaza reading: “Do Not Stop, Automatic Tolling.”

Motorists will notice several changes – bridge district officials said drivers should not stop at the tolls and there will be a 25 MPH speed limit through the plaza, an increase from the former 15 MPH speed limit.

With the new electronic system, drivers will have a bevy of options in terms of payment. They can use their FasTrak account already in place (toll will be $5). Also, all lanes will be able to process tolls electronically so there will be no designated FasTrak lanes.

Drivers will also have a new pay-by-plate option; drivers set up an account with their license plate number and are allowed to fund the account by either credit card or cash. Drivers can also make a one-time payment. If those options don’t suffice, a toll invoice will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle being driven across the span.  These options will all cost $6.