Saturday, March 23, As You Like It, Public Works, GAFFTA, and The Bunker team up to bring several artists from the sidelines of house and techno who’ve made names for themselves as veritable tastemakers.

First off is Luca of the UK-based tech-house duo Audiofly. Audiofly had been DJ partners after meeting in Italy in the early 2000s. Their musical sensibilities meshed instantly and they found the momentum to produce an array of singles and EPs on labels such as Mood Music, Connaiseur, Rekids, 8bit Records, and Get Physical—on which their 2011 full length, Follow My Liebe, appears.

In an effort to curate their own vision of quality dance music, they also started their Supernature imprint in 2007. Up until this point, Supernature has included a slew of releases from acclaimed artists, including Alex Niggemann, James Teej, Solomun, and Jay Haze.


Also on the bill is an artist who has silently risen from an unpretentious background in the East Coast, letting his productions on well-reputed labels—namely Jus Ed’s Underground Quality and Japan-based Mule Musiq—speak for themselves. Fred P, otherwise known as The Black Jazz Consortium, has his roots in old school NY hip hop and house, and after reacquainting himself with the sounds of nu jazz found a voice for himself taking chunky, stripped down house to a cosmic level.


Since returning to production after a long break, Fred has become a self-proclaimed workaholic, picking up a number of international gigs all while maintaining his own Soul People Music imprint and hustling releases. His latest full length, Codes and Metaphors, came out earlier this week.

Amsterdam-based audiovisual producer and DJ Patrice Baumel rounds off the night with his own edgy take on tech-house. Patrice is an RBMA grad from 2002, giving him over a decade’s worth of experience to hone in on his production talent as he holds residency at TrouwAmsterdam club. He runs a label of the same name on which appeared his long anticipated full length, Vapour, in 2010.


Support comes from The Bunker’s Bryan Kasenic, and As You Like It residents, Mossmoss and Christina Chatfield. For more information and tickets, More info.