Chef Sharon Nahm and Mixologist Carlos Yturria at E&O Asian Kitchen in San Francisco are taking guests on “the Spice Route,” highlighting a special spice each month in a savory dish, sweet dish and cocktail.

Starting this month, the pair has created a la carte offerings, in addition to the restaurant’s regular menu. The March spice is cinnamon, which Chef Nahm said “was perhaps the most challenging” for her, especially creating an entree.

We got a chance to sample the March menu: dry braised chicken with cinnamon and star anise (savory), chocolate cinnamon truffle with caramel rice crisps (sweet) and Appleton rum, Bergamont and cinnamon served long (drink). While the cinnamon was definitely present in both dishes and the cocktail, it was never too overpowering and worked well in the overall scheme of each item.

Below is a list of the expected dishes and spices to be featured through the end of August:

April: Black Pepper

Savory | Black pepper and caramel braised pork belly

Sweet | Condensed milk pound cake with strawberries, black pepper and Thai basil

Drink | Evan Williams House Select bourbon, apple shrub and lemon; served over ice

May: Turmeric

Savory |Varuval-prawns with mustard greens sautéed in South Indian spice blend

Sweet | Lemongrass rice pudding, turmeric infused coconut cream

Drink |Aviation Gin, strawberry, turmeric and lemon; shaken and stirred

June: Cardamom

Savory |Grilled lamb sirloin with cardamom scented curry sauce

Sweet |Cardamom panna cotta, apricot compote, toasted pistachios

Drink |Tang 10 gin, pan toasted cardamom and ginger, with lemon; served over ice

July: Ginger

Savory | Steamed pork and kimchee dumplings, ginger soy dipping sauce

Sweet | Sweet-peach and ginger crisp with ginger ice cream

Drink | Evan Williams House Select bourbon, ginger, peaches and lemon

August: Star Anise

Savory |Beef short ribs braised with star anise, lemongrass and ginger

Sweet | Roasted plums, star anise and palm sugar syrup, citrus mascarpone

Drink | Sparkling Sake, star anise, plums and lemons

On another note, Yturria is also hosting an “Infuse Your Booze” cocktail class on Sunday, March 24. The hands-on class will take attendees through the tricks and trades of infusing spirits, with a particular emphasis on the sponsor Brugal Rum Blanco. The cost of the event, from 5-7 pm, is $40 and includes the chance to make (and drink) three cocktails, along with tasting dishes and desserts.

E&O Asian Kitchen is located at 314 Sutter Street (between Stockton and Grant) in San Francisco.