“Thank you for coming out and welcome to my living room” is how Mike Tyson greeted San Francisco on the opening night of his one-man show, Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth, at Orpheum Theater.


For an hour and half, Tyson recounted the highs and lows (there are a lot of them) of his life from his early childhood in the Brooklyn slums through his legendary boxing career, and now as a recovering addict.

Raw and uncensored, Tyson had the chops of a seasoned standup comic with raunchy tales from his past and numerous laugh-out-loud moments.

It seems nothing is off limits for Tyson. Significant time was dedicated to his failed marriage with Robin Givens and a chance encounter with her and her next lover “Brad ‘The Shit’ Pitt.” More serious topics included his troubled childhood, his rape conviction and incarceration (“I did not rape Desiree Washington and that’s the final thing I’m going to say abut it.”), his longtime struggle with substance abuse and the death of his four-year-old daughter Exodus in 2009.

Pretty heavy stuff, but his hilarious anecdotes about growing up on the streets of New York, the early years of his career and his successes and missteps as a world-famous boxer provided an entertaining balance and a unique look at one of sport’s most infamous figures.

Top 5 One-Liners

“You’ll leave here with two ears tonight”

“Juvenile detention centers were like Cheers, everybody knew my name.”

“They jumped on my wallet like a pack of wild dogs in Africa.” Tyson on his divorce with Givens.

“Please don’t think I’m on cocaine guys, ok?” Tyson after acting like an escaped slave while recounting a prison visit from Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson.

“I was homeless and ho-less.” Tyson on bankruptcy.

Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth continues tonight and March 2 at Orpheum Theater.