Announced today, the beloved rave cave of the Tenderloin, 222 Hyde, will be closing its doors for good Saturday, March 9.

The factors leading up to this decision include problems over a technicality on their license with the Alcoholic Beverage Control as well as an upcoming change of ownership for the building.

For the last few years, 222 offered a space for techno and house heads—and a touch of each SF scene—to catch some of the best international and local acts in a cozy setting surrounded by Turbo Sound. Stretching further back, 222 has the history as a “green room” for jazz artists, a dive bar, and a tranny bar, among other shapes and forms as a venue treasured by the community.

Owner Emilio Orlandi will continue producing and playing out with his partners, Kenneth Scott (as Moniker) and Jonah Sharp (as Polk & Hyde), so keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming releases.

In the meantime, be sure to catch a few of their final events including Re~Set on Friday, March 1; Tutu Tuesday on Tuesday, March 5; As You Like It with San Proper on Friday, March 7; and the closing party on Saturday, March 9.