San Francisco is a special city full of entrepreneurs. Amit Gupta is one of them. Along with numerous accomplishments already made in the tech world, he also runs an all-in-one photo-centric newsletter and store called Photojojo.

In this week’s #neighborgram, we chat with Amit about life in the mission and advice on being an entrepreneur.

Name: Amit Gupta

Handle: @SuperAmit

For Work: Photojojo! The most fun photography site on Earth.

For Fun: Photojojo :)

Neighborhood: The Mission

You love your neighborhood because… I bump into people I know on the street, pretty much every day. It feels like a small town inside of a real city, and I love that.

Where would you have your last meal on Earth? I’d get cinnamon toast at Trouble Coffee and walk down to Ocean Beach.

Favorite SF Establishment: Whether meeting up with friends or taking the pup for her morning constitutional, Dolores Park can’t be beat.

Best place to take an out-of-towner? Sutro Baths

What is SF’s best kept secret? The camera obscura near Ocean Beach. It feels like it’s a carnival ride of a different century and oddly quiet and magical inside.

What prompted you to start Photojojo

Photojojo came to be because I saw all my friends getting digital cameras, taking hundreds or thousands of photos a year, and then all those photos collecting digital dust on their computers. I wanted to come up with ways to help people do more with their photos, and be more creative with their photography. So we travel to the edges of the world and the Internet looking for undiscovered camera add-ons and ideas to share with our shoppers and readers.

If you could give one piece of advice to entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Follow up like crazy. On everything. Always. Crazy organizational superpowers is probably he most useful skill you can possibly have when juggling a million things at once.

What are some awesome IG feeds you are following now? @sgoralnick, @samhorine, @pketron, @chrisconnolly, @keeg, and of course @photojojo

Looking forward to anything in the next few months?

I’m looking forward to it warming up enough to ride my motorcycle on longer trips around the Bay.

Finish this sentence: SF Is… the greatest little town pretending to be a city.

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