The Vaccines may have gotten lost in the shuffle of Interpol and The Strokes, but don’t count out this English Indie band as the wild card. On their first headlining American tour to support their album Coming of Age, the Vaccines make a stop at The Fillmore on February 15th.

We caught up with singer Justin Young to pick his brain about post-breakup sex, tacos in Mexico and pre-teen female alter egos.

Have you ever played the Fillmore before?

I‘m trying to remember. I think we opened for the Artic Monkeys. You’d think I’d remember since the Fillmore is legendary and all, but it was a long time ago. I’m almost certain we have. In any case, we are really excited to get back to the states.

How is touring in America different from touring in the UK or other parts of the world?

We haven’t done as much of it in America, but it’s so vast and so culturally diverse. You drive for a day and it’s almost like being in different country. And certainly once you go from the East Coast to the West Coast it’s very different; it’s like being on a different planet. We’ve toured the UK a million times, Europe a million times, and Russia, the Ukraine, Asia, Australia and Mexico.


Well we didn’t tour; it was a massive festival. We flew there and ate tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You guys seem to have a great admiration for photography and videography. How does this translate to your music?

I think everything you do should be an extension of your art. It’s another way to be creative. Even a band logo is an extension of your vision and your art. It should visually represent you and be something you’re proud of. We all take a lot of pictures. We have some friends lend pictures, too, but when you’re on the road it’s kind of hard not to document it in some way.

I’ve got to ask, what’s with the cover to your album Coming of Age? You guys seem to have this alter ego that appears in some of your videos- maybe a subliminal message of not wanting to fully grow up?

I think that just represents confusion. The girls are tomboys and confusing to look at. It sums up the sentiment that it’s hard to come to age. I like the girl mentality because I feel like we have that among ourselves. And in our videos, it’s like creating a vision. Everyone always thinks something different, and that’s the aim. It creates confusion.

I was actually unclear if they were girls or boys.

And that actually makes me happy. That was the goal, to cause confusion.

I really like the title to your song, “Post Break-Up Sex.” It’s honest and relatable. Were their any obligations to the title?

Not really. I think if you want people to be emotionally invested you have to be honest. You can always dance around the subject if you have strong guilt, and you may say things more eloquent. To me, the rudest moments are the most interesting. I like saying it how it is. I really like doing it because it’s how I speak in conversation, and it’s how I do it in song as well.

The Vaccines perform at The Fillmore on February 15.