We told you about The Forge at Jack London Square in Oakland last week. The restaurant near the waterfront has passed all inspections and opened up for service on Tuesday.

Owner Michael Karp said that for the first week, he expects the restaurant to stay open for lunch, close for a brief period, before reopening for dinner. It will eventually stay open for service throughout the day until closing (closing hours have yet to be determined).

We talked about the design of the space last week but the opening menu has also been released. While the main focus is pizzas (eight on the list), expect a mix of seasonal small and large dishes as well, along with a few specials each day. As mentioned previously, Executive Chef Jeffrey Amber has a menu of simple dishes, yet, The Forge truly remains a very technique-driven restaurant. What seems like simple cheese curds actually come from Wisconsin and are breaded in tempura batter. A pepperoni pizza has housemade pepperoni. Those little added touches add to the overall quality – while Amber said this will be a neighborhood restaurant, it can handle those with a more sophisticated palate, while also serving those looking for just a simple meal or snack.

Crispy Cheese Curds

The Forge will be open seven days a week, at 11:00 a.m. Monday-Friday and at 10:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Click here for the menu, including beer, wine and cocktails.

The Forge is located at 66 Franklin Street in Oakland.