With the holiday season in full swing, it can be a time for overindulgence, especially in terms of food and drink. But there is an app to help diners navigate through all those delicious dishes.

HealthyOut, a free iPhone app, offers recommendations of dishes at nearby restaurants based on diners’ specified nutritional needs. Diners can search for meals by calories and Weight Watchers points, by popular diets like Paleo and Low Fat or by dietary restrictions like Gluten Free and Low Sodium.

Diners can also set fairly specific criteria, from type of cuisine to ingredient or even just what they’re in the mood for.

Founder and CEO Wendy Nguyen said that although the app is great to use year-round, it is especially important with so much going on during the holiday season.

“For many Americans, the holidays are a challenging time to maintain a healthy diet. Holiday feasts and second helpings can undermine our best-intentioned goals,” Nguyen said. “Plus, when we’re on the road traveling, it’s harder to know where to go for healthy options.”

HealthyOut, which was founded in San Francisco this past June, includes the input of hundreds of nutritionists, dieters and healthy eaters. Nguyen said the goal is to make healthy eating easy and fun instead of a chore.

“The key is fitting healthy choices into our busy schedules. Americans on average are spending 50-percent of their food dollars outside of the home,” she said. “We are not asking people to change their lifestyles; rather we are helping people find healthy food that they love to eat, in a convenient way.”

The app also allows uses to save dishes, capture and share photos and submit healthy dish recommendations. It can be downloaded here at the Apple App store.



Photo Credit: HealthyOut