Based out of New York, Percussion Lab, headed by Sepalcure’s Praveen Sharma, has grown as an online community, blog, and podcast series since 2002. Initially started as a college radio, Praveen and his friends’ have come up with yet another way to promote underground dance music with a compilation they released earlier this week. Named Cambio, the album features exclusive tracks from Sharma as Braille, Machinedrum (aka Travis Stewart—the other half of Sepalcure), Ghostly’s Mux Mool and Shigeto, and Brainfeeder friend, Daedelus. What’s more, money made from the compilation will go towards a new series of events from the Percussion Lab crew, including Braille, Archie Pelago, and Nooka Jones.

After you check out Cambio on Bandcamp, you can catch Praveen with Travis as Sepalcure as they stop at The Independent at the end of the month for their A/V tour with Shlohmo. For more information on that, go here.