This week’s Neighborgram features Refinery 29‘s fashionably chic editor, Angela Tafoya. Refinery 29 is a deliciously stylish guide for beauty, living, clothing, and entertainment. We caught up with Angela to find out what she’s up to these days, what her go-to date venue is, and where she would have her last meal.

Name: Angela Tafoya

Neighborhood: Emeryville/North Oakland

What do you love about your neighborhood? I’ve really seen a huge growth in it over the past couple years and I love the sense of community. And it is so nice being a short walk from Berkeley Bowl. I geek out on the produce there.

For Work: S.F. editor, Refinery29

For Fun: Getting outdoors, online shopping, spending a whole afternoon catching up on magazines, trying new restaurants and game nights with friends.

What are you up to these days? Working, planning for the holidays, pinning like a mad woman, and eating a lot of comfort food.

Best places to…

Relax: I recently got the chance to head to Nick’s Cove in Marshall/Tomales Bay and there was no cell phone or internet—it was best. It forced me to disconnect. Sometimes you forget to unplug, and it was a serene place to do so. Plus, eating oysters (my favorite snack!) helped with the R&R.

Grab a drink: Beretta

Shop: ACRE

What’s your Go-to date place? Boot and Shoe Service in Oakland. Obviously, I have a penchant for pizza places.

S.F.’s best kept secret: Camera Obscura. Also, this really isn’t that much of a secret, but everyone needs to know that Fivetenburger has the best burger you will ever have!

Where would you have your last meal on earth? Yeah, that’s probably going to be Boot and Shoe again.

Where do you get your local gossip? R29, duh!

Gadgets/Apps/Sites you can’t love without: AstrologyZone’s daily app! Mercury is in retrograde, uh-oh!

What local merchant have you been meaning to check out? I actually have been wanting to hit up Marquee Salon, they just opened in Oakland. I need to get my butt over there!

Finish this sentence! SF is…. the best city. Ever.

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