San Francisco is by far one of the hardest if not the hardest major metropolitan market in the U.S. to find a reasonably-priced apartment. But there is now some help for apartment hunters.

The Lovely app for the iPhone (it is in development for other operating systems) allows users to search rental listings from thousands of sources, all from their smartphone.

Founder and CEO Blake Pierson said the app is meant to streamline the process for those seeking to find an apartment in San Francisco.

“I’ve been a renter my whole life and the whole purpose of the app and the website is to make everything available in one place for renters. We’ve organized and streamlined the process so that all the listings are available at the palm of your hand,” said Pierson. “The listings are constantly updated, giving users the latest and freshest information. It makes an experience that we know can be very difficult and time consuming much easier.”

Users can download the app to their iPhone, enter the search criteria they are looking for and then can choose from listings from thousands of different sources, all on an easy-to-view map. The newest listings are identified with color dots. And users can also create a list of favorites that they can save and access from either their smartphone or computer.  Those favorite searches can also turn into push alerts, meaning users will be notified immediately about new listings.

Pierson said one of the most useful aspects of Lovely is the ability to build a renter resume. “What the resume allows people to do is stand out to landlords in the entire process. They will have all the pertinent information available in front of them when they visit the property. There is normally so much paperwork to fill out and forms that are needed; with the renter resume, it’s all there for you and for potential landlords as well.”

Pierson said part of the reason they launched the app in the San Francisco market is because they know how difficult it can be to rent in the Bay Area. And while the app doesn’t take all the work out of finding that perfect apartment, he said making things easier and more organized for renters is a first step in the process.

The mobile app can be downloaded at the Apple App Store.