Thursday, November 29, Public Works presents a special performance from Chicago-based indie pop duo, Houses. Comprised of Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina, Houses are lovers beyond their musical partnership, and their affection toward each other can be heard in the gentleness of their 2010 album, All Night.

All Night came about shortly after Tortoriello and Messina’s extended stay in the remote city of Papaiko, Hawaii. In their solitude, they worked on music and gathered field recordings, which came to use once they returned to Chicago. “Endless Spring,” their first single, spurred the creation of the album. Soon after they signed to Lefse Records, Houses completed All Night and presented their audience with a sound centered on introspection and a deep sense of longing and genuine emotion.

The sanguine mood Houses tapped into is conjured up by pleasingly gentle rhythms crafted together with soft melodies of washed out vocals and organic instrumentation. They’re great for home listening, but will be well worth catching live on Public Works’ Funktion One. Through mellow electronics, they’ll breathe life into the room and build atmosphere for a unique club experience.

Houses performs live on Thursday, November 29 at Public Works. Support comes from D33J, Yalls, Elephant & Castle. Tickets are $8 – $10 and can be purchased here.