A lot of the time, working people in the Bay Area have very little time to go home after a long day at the office and cook a decent meal. In fact, take-out or some frozen meal are many times the only option – until now.

Introducing Pop-Up Pantry, a recently launched subscription club for food lovers on-the-go. Those who sign up will have a three-course gourmet meal delivered to their door, all of which takes minimal preparation (sometimes as easy as just boiling water) to make. The meals vary from month-to-month; a customer’s delivery could include a roasted duck leg with cherry sauce, Moroccan lamb stew or lemongrass salmon wrapped in banana leaf. Each menu item features a first course, main and dessert.

Founded by online media veterans Tom Balamaci and Dvid Hauslaib, Pop-Up Pantry has also partnered with the FOX show “MasterChef” and meals can be ordered that will be created by the two finalists on the show.

Most of the meals are designed for two people at a cost that is oftentimes far less than delivery. There are three different dining plans – Gourmand (two dinners a month), Epicure (four dinner plan) and Gastronome (eight dinners a month) with prices ranging from $14 per person to $19 per person. And because Pop-Up Pantry is subscription-based, customers are never obligated to order meals. They can skip a month and won’t be billed.

Having tried the meals out myself and not being much of a cook, the directions and instructions are seamless to follow and the meals are very tasty and healthy as well. Item can be frozen if not used immediately and it only takes a short time to cook things even if they are frozen. Quick and easy, a Pop-Up Pantry meal might take as little as 25 minutes to fully prepare before being dished out on a plate and ready to be eaten.

Click here to sign up for free and for more information on the meals of Pop-Up Pantry.



Photo Credit: Pop-Up Pantry