The idea of pop-ups is going the way of cocktails this week with the unique and one-of-a-kind launch – for two nights only – in San Francisco of La Maison Cointreau.

The event, held at Big Daddy’s Antiques in Potrero Hill on Wednesday and Thursday night, features the versatile spirit in a number of different cocktails. Guests will also get a chance to peruse an amazing collection of cocktail books, unique pieces of art and take part in a hands-on cocktail making class from Cointreau’s Master Mixologist Kyle Ford. “Cointreau is truly one of those unique spirits that works so well for cocktails,” said Ford, a vet of the San Francisco cocktail scene. “I use it with gin, whiskey, rum. It’s just really versatile.”

The event is free to the public on Wednesday and Thursday night; all guests have to do is sign up for a time on La Maison Cointreau’s website.

Having a chance to check it out on Tuesday night at the VIP reception, it’s a very cool experience. Lots of interesting cocktails and art in a beautiful and very unique space. This is the final stop for La Maison Cointreau after debuting in New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles earlier this year.

Big Daddy’s Antiques is located at 1550 17th Street in San Francisco.