Austin, sitting and chatting with a friend in Union Square, caught our eye with his wondrous locks and colorful outfit composed of an orange sweater, floral print Oxford, white jacket and shiny metallic Doc Martens.

“It’s just something I threw on,” he explained to us, “It was muggy this morning, and I wanted to wear something bright.”


Asked to described his style, Austin says “I’m a butch queen kind of femme. I like close fitting things, but I keep a masculine swag.” His favorite stores include Dr. Marten, Wasteland, American Apparel, Marc Jacobs, but he also enjoys creating his own clothes from purchased fabrics of heavy jersey and brocade. He mentions he was wearing Mickey Mouse ears the other day, just for fun.

Commenting on the San Francisco style scene, Austin says “It’s emerging. I see a lot of new things here. I hang out in the Haight a lot, where I see a lot of grunge hipsters.”