SF Station and Academy of Art University have teamed up to deliver a bi-weekly SF Street Style gallery created by AAU styling students. This week’s theme is Layers.

“Fall is finally here, and its time to start transitioning that warm weather wardrobe into Winter. Don’t put away your Summer shorts just yet, layering them with knit tights and boots not only makes sense, it looks cozy and cute as well. Both men and women can add a bit of edge to their wardrobe by playing with proportion, layering large knits over soft, long T’s and tight jeans is both comfortable and interesting. At the Festival des metiers by Hermes, San Franciscans were getting ready for brisker weather by incorporating classic pieces like tailored blazers, a smart cardigan, or a classic felt hat, with an edgy element such as tight leather leggings, an oversize leopard bag, shredded denim, or a bright pop of color. Fall fashion is all about layering, a concept not unknown to SF locals ( the city where you always have to pack a light sweater), the question is, how do you make it your own?” – Noah Shaw

Olga, Shot by Jinhee

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