Oakland artist Slvstr© is a rising star in the art scene despite his young age and he has just recently taken up new digs in San Francisco.

His whimsical art is a mix between hand drawn typography and illustrations filled with highly saturated colors which he then applies to apparel, installations and event flyers.

The most recent claim to fame? Designing the cover of Bay Area artist Kreayshawn’s new album Somethin Bout Kreay.

Neighborhood: Tender Nob

For Work: Illustration & Design

For Fun: Finding new inspirations.

What do you love about your neighborhood? The people.

Favorite local shop? Purist or Darkside Initiative

Whats is SF’s best kept secret? Lands End.

What are some good apps to get? Solar, Instagram and Inspiration.

Who are some great instagram feeds you are following now? @nigoldeneye, @frgmt1, @humanmade,  and @eddiecruzone.

Where did you go to school for art? AAU (Academy of Art University) stand up!

What is the main driving force behind your work? When I was a kid, there where no black artist or designers that where on the scene that I could look up to, at least to my knowledge. There was possibly a few but not accessible to me or connected to things that I enjoyed.

What artists inspire you? Kaws, Keith Haring, Milton Glaser, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Paul Rand, and George Condo to name a few.

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