Marcus Lambkin, aka Shit Robot, is the Stuttgart based producer known for his pop-inspired electro-house productions on the funky, dance-punk-tinged DFA imprint. He will be making an appearance at Public Works with DFA labelmate, Jacques Renault, and support from Face’s Eug this Friday, October 12.

Lambkin fell in love with dance music in Ireland at a time when rave took root in the neighboring UK. Inspired by the glowing years of acid house, he started DJing and eventually moved to New York where he became a resident DJ at Brownies. His residency allowed him to hone his skills, playing a mixture of house, Euro rave, and emerging post-rave styles such as trip hop.

Despite nearing burn out from the rising superficiality of club culture in the late 90s, Lambkin kept his heart in dance music and started a label, Plant, along with a club night of the same name. Around this time, Lambkin met James Murphy, future DFA label head and LCD Soundsystem mastermind, through a mutual friend who thought they might click musically.

The budding friendship turned out to be beneficial for their careers, as Murphy and Lambkin exposed each other to artists they might not have discovered on their own. Following the opening of Plant Bar, they started DJing an energetic mix of dance music—from Chicago house to punk to synthpop—as Shit Robot.

After Lambkin moved to Germany, he came around to producing solo as Shit Robot and released a handful of singles and EPs on DFA after 2006, while allowing his acclaimed 2010 full length, From The Cradle To The Rave, to take sonic shape.

For Friday night, you can expect Shit Robot to play an eclectic selection of disco, house, funk, and classics with an intuitive sense of taste and dance floor dynamics. Get more info and tickets here, then check it out for yourself.