With borders separating nation-states becoming less fluid and travel between widely separated regions assailable and affordable,  people and places are bound to increasingly resemble one another as  information and ideas circulate with ever increasing rapidity.

In her upcoming solo exhibition, Brazilian artist and San Francisco Art Institute student Cristina Guerreiro has made her own lifelong globetrotting and resulting confusion in regards to her own sense of stasis and shifting identity her overarching subject matter.

Cristina Guerreiro “Memory Allowance” 2009 Silkscreen on suitcase 20″x 16″x 6″


Adorning various mounting and structuring materials such as cardboard, wood and mylar with stenciling, brightly colored paint and abstract geometric drawings evoking urban edifices, Guerreiro visually traces her itinerant life journey.

Guerreiro makes clear the feeling of liminal existence in her work by her disjointed but sometimes overlapping drawings that resemble perhaps the way that memory works in the human mind–in her case, a fragmented mishmash reflecting a childhood spent migrating back and forth between Brazil and Portugal, and a later stint in England studying illustration.

The  exhibit Transitions will be shown at the Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco starting October 5 continuing through December 1, 2012.