From the same creator who brought, “The Bacon Takedown,” to the Bay Area comes an all-new challenge. Matt Timms travels the country looking for home cooks who dare to flex their culinary muscles and compete in themed battles. This time around, he has paired two competitions side-by-side: zesty hot sauces and rich ice creams.

Spectators will have the opportunity to set their mouths ablaze with fiery flavor, and immediately extinguish the flames with cool, sweet ice cream.  Scientifically speaking, the fats in dairy bind to capsaicin and in turn keep the spiciness away from the pain receptors in the tongue.

This fire and ice duel takes place at Public Works on October 7. Tickets are $15, which includes unlimited samples of each contestant’s entry, and are available here.

Spots are also open for home cooks who would like to participate. Email Matt (chilitakedown [at] to enter.