The annual Hokkaido Fair is back again this weekend September 29-30, at Mitsuwa Marketplace, 675 Saratoga, in San Jose.

This year’s plethora of imported regional gourmet Japanese delicacies includes: Kani Kosen‘s premium bento boxes of Hokkaido’s King Crab, sea urchin, salmon roe and many other top quality seafood items. Seasoned and marinated seafood from Yamacho Hasegawa. Ezofukuro’s aromatic miso ramen for the ramen fanatics. Tokachi Butadon Ippin (Tokachi’s pork over rice bowl) from the Tokachi province, known as the pork bowl capital of Japan – Famous in Japan for 5 unique qualities: irresistible special sauce, carefully selected locally grown pork, locally grown rice, use of 100% Binchotan charcoal for grilling, and liberal bastings using their special sauce.

Among other prepared food items: don’t miss out on the freshly made crisp croquettes ($1.80 – $3.90) from Maruhiro Oota, Kamaboko fish cakes from Daiwa Yamato Suisan, Ikameshi (sweet rice stuffed squid, simmered in soy sauce) from Abe Shoten, sweet pumpkin from TK North Factory, Hokkaidomura‘s rice crackers, grilled beans by Ikeda Shokuhin, and much more. And on the sweet side, look for popular Omiyage (elegantly wrapped food gifts) from purveyor Rokkatei, and snacks like chocolate Catalana (like a creme brulee) or souffle cheese Catalana from Mireika.

Open from 9am to 8 pm.

Photo Credit: Luis Chong