Recent Symbiosis performers, Minilogue, are coming out with an EP next week on a new Stockholm-based techno label called Make a Beautiful Corpse. The Swedish duo established themselves with their deep, minimal grooves, often straddling the line between dance floor bangers and ambient-home listening. Their tracks carry a signature sound that inevitably takes the listener on a journey—although where it goes is a different matter.

In the case of Endlessness, Minilogue takes a direction that conceptualizes altered states. The title track features an unrelenting kick drum and looping bass line combo that marches beneath a swelling atmosphere. Shortly after it reaches a crescendo, a menacing synth melody emerges, shifting the mood from light and curious to foreboding. “In a Loving Place” picks up the mood with errant melodies floating over a funky bass line. Guitar plucks add a dash of disco flavor and the cosmic feel is intensified with a flute, wah effects, and twinkling percussion.

Minilogue – Endlessness (pre-listen) by minilogue

Incidentally, both of these tracks feature vocal samples of people describing experiences dealing with a higher consciousness—which could be seen as an appropriate interpretation of the label’s title. With their hypnotic production talent, Minilogue succeeds in their effort to build this theme and make good music that’s just plain trippy.

Endlessness comes out Monday, September 24 on Make a Beautiful Corpse. For more info, go here.