A leading player in the New York vogue-house scene, MikeQ runs his Qween Beat record label and packs wild dancefloors worldwide. He DJs Lights Down Low this Saturday at Public Works along with Miracles Club, Kim Ann Foxman, Kingdom and more.

We spoke with MikeQ last week while he was recuperating from the Opening Ceremony party at Webster Hall in New York where he DJed following Lil’ Kim’s performance.

Zebra Katz Ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx “Ima Read” (MikeQ & B. Ames Rmx)

How was it playing with Lil’ Kim last night? Is that one of the coolest gigs you’ve done?

It was amazing. It was definitely one of them, I have so many, there couldn’t be just one.

Do you feel the same vibe from your parties at home in NY and NJ as you do away in other cities?

The party I do in NY on Tuesdays is a ballroom type thing and it’s the only one like that I do. So everywhere else it’s not the theme, it’s a regular dance party with no more than five people from the ballroom scene.

The ballroom sound you’re notorious for has been around for decades. What keeps it relevant and popular throughout time?

Well the music gets updated with the dance and the dance has changed. It’s become more dramatic and crazy.

There’s a lot of Europe and UK influence in the tracks you produce and work with Fade to Mind. How did you develop that sound?

Me and Kingdom randomly DJed the same party and he hit me up a while after that to ask if I wanted to do an EP. Just from hearing different styles and try to keep up with everything.

MikeQ “The Ha Dub Rewerk’d”

Your label Qween Beat has 14 members, when and how did that get started?

That was just a name I came up with to put my music under. I was the only person at the time. We started recording Beek’s stuff and he was like the first member. Then I just started getting more people that made music in the ballroom scene to be a part of the team. And now we’re up to 15 of us and our goal is to be an official label now.

Who are three people you’re listening to these days and spinning in your sets?

DJ Sliink, all the Qween Beat members and Vjuan Allure who also does ballroom music.

What are your favorite things about visiting San Francisco and coming to play here?

I think San Francisco is the most beautiful place in the world that I’ve been. I’ve played there twice already. I love it.

Lights Down Low presents Miracles Club, Kim Ann Foxman, jozif, MikeQ, Kingdom at Public Works this Saturday, September 22. More info.