Score a Spot on Credo’s Quote Walls

Credo Election Contest

The walls of Credo Restaurant are covered with panels of “I believe…” quotes from over 600 people of varying degrees of fame and cover topics from art to sex to money to humanity. Now, diners are invited to submit their own “I believe…” statements regarding the 2012 Presidential election for a chance to be featured on the walls of the restaurant. Credo invites everyone to submit original quotes commenting on the race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Entries will be accepted until September 24 and can be submitted in a few ways:

  1. Send a message to Credo Restaurant on Facebook.
  2. Tweet @CredoRestaurant.
  3. Leave a note with the restaurant staff.

The ten best quotes as selected by the Credo team will be posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page on September 24. All selected quotes will be created into panels to decorate the restaurant’s walls beginning on Election Day, November 6, and lasting at least until the next Presidential election. Yes, your quote (and your name) will be alongside the likes of Andy Warhol, Thomas Jefferson and Larry Flynt.

If fame isn’t enough, then here’s some fortune to add to the prize: of the ten quotes on Credo’s Facebook page, the one scoring the most likes will win a special dinner for six prepared by Executive Chef Gustavo Romero, or in-office catering for ten. The nine runners-up will receive $25 gift certificates to Credo. Facebook voting will run from September 24 until October 7.

So, a recap of the important dates:

  • Now until September 24: Submit your smart/funny/snippy quote—beginning with the words “I believe” to Credo Restaurant.
  • September 24: Credo staff selects top ten quotes and announce on their Facebook page.
  • September 24 to October 7: Vote for your favorite of the top ten quotes on Credo’s Facebook page.
  • October 8: Grand prize winner (most “like”-d quote) announced.
  • November 6: Panels unveiled at Credo.

Time to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and think of some election-inspired wittiness!


Image courtesy of Frank Holland