Tech blogs are abuzz with the highly anticipated announcement from Apple on Wednesday morning that is expected to reveal the iPhone 5.

The media was invited last week for a product launch event scheduled for 10am Wednesday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.¬†Many rumors have surfaced that have hinted at the new iPhone’s functions.

Here’s a look at what most are expecting:

-A larger screen, a smaller dock connector and 4G LTE capabilities

-Along with the iOS 6 upgrade comes an unexpected update: the standard YouTube app will not be included. Instead, a different free version will be available for download. The new version will stream videos with advertising content that were previously unavailable due to restrictions.

And here are some rumors that have been floating around that may (or may not) be true:

-The iphone 5 will cost roughly $800.

-It will be thinner.

-The phone could be available as early as September 21st.

It’s doubtful that Apple will mention anything about the new 7-inch iPad tomorrow as it might take some of the spotlight off of the iPhone. Is there anything on the list that is for sure? Well there’s one…the wait is finally over.

Shaina Tsan is a social media & editorial intern for SF Station covering tech, music, art, and street. Follow her @shainatsan