yacht rock

It’s that time again. Yes, it’s my birthday tomorrow but also CUESA is hosting another cocktail night at the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market. The nautical-themed Yacht Rock event will feature a variety of summery drinks and snacks from San Francisco’s coolest bars and restaurants.

Guests will enjoy more than ten specialty cocktails from bartenders such as Jared Anderson of 15 Romolo, Brian MacGregor of Jasper’s Corner Tap, Claire Sprouse from Rickhouse and Dion Jardine of the just-opened Lolinda. Everyone is encouraged to vote for their favorite food and drinks and five winners will receive farmers’ market prizes

There will also be a costume contest from Epicuring—a nice chance to show off your navy-and-white striped top and red shorts since the weather seems somewhat hospitable.

Tickets are $40 and are available online. And y’know, if you want to raise a drink for me…


Yacht Rock: Summer Cocktails of the Farmers’ Market

Wednesday, August 29, 5:30 to 8:00pm

The CUESA Kitchen at the Ferry Building

1 Ferry Building

San Francisco, CA 94121


Image courtesy of CUESA