Josey Baker, who is set to open a highly anticipated toast and coffee bar called The Mill on Divisadero Street is planning to give away 100 free loaves of his signature breads on August 28 at Four Barrel on Valencia St.

Why? According to his website, “…cuz i’m so damn pumped about the bread I’m baking, and giving away stuff is rad, and i wanna get you kids hooked on my goods.”

Currently, Baker bakes out of Dave Miller’s facility in Chico, which uses the same oven and the same mill that will be utilized at Baker’s spot on Divisadero. Essentially, the loaves will be identical: what bread fans will receive on Tuesday will be indicative of the offerings at The Mill.

Baker will have a variety of loaves on hand, but the freebies are limited to the first 100 people who walk through the door 100 people, starting at 4pm. Moving forward,  bread will be available at Four Barrel $5 a loaf every Tuesday.