Recently announced, Travis Stewart, aka Machinedrum, and Jimmy Edgar have a collaborative project in the works called JETS.

The two producers have known each other for over a decade since they met through the then-IDM-leaning label, Merck Records. Stewart’s early involvement with the label included listening to demos—a favorable one he came across being Edgar’s. A meeting at the Winter Music Conference in Miami and their first proper tours spent together shortly after made grounds for a solid friendship.

Although the electronic music community has long said goodbye to IDM as a genre, Stewart and Edgar still thrive doing their own thing, from Stewart’s bass-driven, UK-style dubstep, and juke-tinged techno to Edgar’s Detroit-inspired-synth-laden electrofunk. It’s been a few years since they started, and since leaving the hustle and bustle of New York for the chilled-out techno capital, Berlin, we can only anticipate the kinds of sounds they’ll muster up when they get around to finishing their first album on Leisure System.