A last-minute, preview screening of Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film The Master, which was filmed in and around the Bay Area, is planned—in glorious 70mm—for August 21 at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre.

The Master is one of the most talked about and anticipated films of 2012, and for good reason. PT Anderson is one of greatest living directors, with his last film 2007’s There Will Be Blood scoring an Oscar win for star Daniel-Day Lewis.

It’s been five years since he set the world on fire with his tale of oil, greed and ego, but his follow up is set to drop nationwide on September 21. A couple hundred lucky Bay Area film fans will not only have the chance to view the film as PT Anderson envisioned it but will also be able to see it an entire month early.

Shrouded in mystery since it’s inception, the film was filmed mostly on the docks of Vallejo, at Hillside Elementary School in Berkeley and in Sacramento. The film’s plot has been kept tightly under wraps but it supposedly follows Freddy (Joaquin Phoenix) a lost soul after World War II who is brought under the wing of a man, Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who starts his own organized religion. Comparisons of it’s plot to Scientology and Hoffman’s character to it’s founder L. Ron Hubbard have dogged the film since an early script leaked online, although Anderson has denied these claims, stating the religion and it’s creator to be merely inspirations.

Whatever the film may turn out to be, it’s sure to be talked about through awards season as there are already whispers of Oscars on everyone’s lips.

For info on the screening and tickets go to Castro Theatre’s site here. All proceeds from ticket purchases will go to benefit The Film Foundation. More info on them here.

UPDATE: It appears advance tickets have sold out. However, about 200 more tickets will be released at the Castro Theatre’s box office tomorrow at 6pm.

Also, a special trailer has been cut for the screening. Check it out below: