Rolling Stone magazine, still the dinosaur-era barometer of mainstream pop culture, had some nice words for Outside Lands and San Francisco music fans despite the “ass-freezing weekend of mist, fog and music.”

Local favorite Wallpaper was not on Sheffield's list, but we're still fans.

Rob Sheffield, one of the magazine’s leading pop critics, was in Golden Gate Park for the weekend. He offers a perfect description of the festival this week on the magazine’s website along with the “highest highlights”:

“Outside Lands is how every music festival should be, with one of the happiest, friendliest, most hassle-free crowds imaginable. No celebrity cameos, no VIP riffraff, just music freaks getting coated in Golden Gate Park dust and braving the arctic winds. Cheery vibes were everywhere, from Metallica (“San Francisco, your boys in Metallica are here to entertaaaiiiin you!”) to Stevie Wonder, who closed Sunday night by thanking all the bands who played and adding, “Congratulations on your careers. Peace.” Read more.

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