Saturday, August 11, Public Works invites Tornado Wallace, aka Lewis Day, for his debut SF performance. The Melbourne-based producer has been making headway in the last few years, making a unique blend of slow-motion disco and deep house fitting for a perfectly fun party.

Australia isn’t exactly known as a hub for dance music, but behind the scenes, Melbourne has been a melting pot drawing in different styles of dance music internationally. It’s this sort of environment that has allowed Day to thrive in the underground, with hit releases on the up-and-coming label, Delusions of Grandeur.

But in the last several months, Day has taken a change of pace with extended travel plans in Europe, spending a good chunk of time in Berlin and London. You’ll probably be hearing more from him from a number of publications in a matter of time, so why not check him out in the intimate loft at one of your favorite Mission party spots?

Tornado Wallace plays at Public Works Saturday, August 11. Tickets are $10 – $12 and can be purchased here.