If the weather forecast holds true, it could be fantastic weekend for Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park. Weekend highs are forecasted for the mid-70s during each of the three days of the event. Now, what to wear?

Local fashion blogger Michaela D’Artois from Fashion (415) shares her recommendations for three looks—”The Rocker,” “The Bohemian” and “The Dancing Queen”—in a blog post today.

“This Monday most of us are getting back from our weekend in hopes that the following one will bring a little more sunshine,” D’Artois writes. “Whether you are road tripping in for the festival or planning on braving the muni to get to Golden Gate Park, you are probably getting more than a little excited about Outside Lands.” Read more HERE.

We can can only hope for another update tomorrow with notable sub-categories “The Hesher,” “The Burnout” and “The Obnoxious Dancer” with tomorrow’s post.

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Some fashionable shots from last year:

More photos from Outside Lands 2011.