Synth-pop, post-punk group New Order announced their first U.S. tour since 2005, and the first stop is at Oakland’s Fox Theater.

Though bassist Peter Hook has long departed from the band, with a high-drama breakup in 2007 (quote: “see you in court!”) and has no intentions of returning, New Order is still going strong. The band has filled in the former bassist’s place with Tom Chapman, who played at Ultra during New Order’s set.

So, is New Order still the same band without Hook? After all, the former trio was made up of all original members of Joy Division, and their transition from post-punk to New Order’s synth-pop was revolutionary, seamless, and embracing of both dark, moody pop and lighthearted dance music. The songs will be the same, but will the energy carry over?

The group will be heading over to San Francisco, the first of seven scheduled U.S. shows, after a long run of festival performances in the UK and throughout Europe. Tickets go on sale on Sunday, July 29th.

New Order performs at Oakland’s Fox Theater on Friday, October 5. Tickets start at $45.