Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich participated in a conference call with the media today to discuss Outside Lands. Here are some highlights from the conversation.

Photo coutesy of Metallica

“As anybody knows about Metallica, we’ve championed San Francisco all around the world. We’re very proud of our relationship with San Francisco.”

“Going to see Outside Lands every year is a huge thing not only for me but for my family … If I’m not going to play it, I’m going to go.” Lars has four children who are excited about going to the festival every year. They watched Muse last year and Black Eyed Peas when they performed at the festival.

When Metallica’s 3D movie project (filmed at two Vancouver shows in August) is done and Outside Lands is over—late September—Metallica will focus on making a new album.

“We’re happy as pigs in shit that 31 years into our career people still care about us.”

On playing at home in the Bay Area in Golden Gate Park: “The biggest thing with any San Francisco show is managing the guest list”

“Golden Gate Park is an awesome, awesome, awesome setting … The whole vibe there is so fucking next level, all we have to do is just show up and make sure we’re firing on all 24 cylinders. … Finding the inspiration to play hometown shows is never difficult.”

Metallica is bringing back the Snake Pit stage setup. “There’s lots of songs to choose from and I’m sure we’ll pull some wacky shit out of our sleeves” …explosions, etc.

On the bands he’ll watch: “I’m pretty sure my kids are going to tell me what bands I’ll be seeing.”

Metallica’s Orion will probably never make it to the West Coast. “We’re looking to keep it in New Jersey or keep it on the East Coast.”

The Outside Lands Set List: “With these types of situations where you are playing to 50,000-75,000 people, there are songs you should play in those settings. … We always try to play different songs and bring deeper cuts out that we don’t play all the time.”

On interacting with other bands: “I try to give as little advice as possible. … We don’t walk around like elder statesmen or any of that. … I’m 46 going on 16.”

On Future Goals: “There’s always Outer Space, which hasn’t been conquered … We haven’t played either of the polar caps.” The Glastonbury Festival, one of the few Metallica hasn’t played, could be on the horizon.

[end of call]