The San Francisco dream-pop duo consisting of Mark Zannad (vox, synths) and Brandon Harrison (drums) has been around since in the summer of 2010, creating highly palatable shoegaze throwbacks and driving heart-churners.

On August 2, the band (performers at SF Station’s The Lineup 2011) celebrates a new release, the Crimes 7″, at Project 1 Gallery with a live performance from the band, DJ sets from Yr Skull, Shaky Premise and Boyfren, and and free beer before 11pm.

It is said that the new Crimes 7″ is like an Angelo Badalamenti piece, compelling and engaging—and while that may be true, my first impulse upon listening was to think back to the first Bret Easton Ellis book I ever read,Less Than Zero. There is a driving, mysterious urge that underlies both tracks, an almost tangible heartache present even before the first lyrics drop. This is nostalgia done right, though there is nothing recycled about this sound, nothing redundant about latching on to solidity and the ability to prompt and immediate emotional attachment to a chord progression. Seatraffic have cracked the system, stolen the goods and burrowed into the core.

Seatraffic celebrate the release of the Crimes 7″ at Project Gallery 1 on August 2, 2012. The gallery is located at 251 Rhode Island. Admission is $3, doors are at 9pm. Free beer before 11pm.