Always packed with dancing fans, Fringe has been a staple in the SF club scene for three years now, not just at their home Madrone Art Bar but also with parties at DNA Lounge, Pride and more. DJs Blondie K and SubOctive put together a video playlist to commemorate the event, where they’re also giving away two passes to Treasure Island Music Festival.

DJs Blondie K and SubOctive chose these videos to define the past three years ruling the crowd.

Yelle “Je Veux Te Voir”

This video was the one we choose to first represent the Fringe dance party.  We love Yelle’s quirky energy and try to capture that vibe at our events.

Miike Snow “Animal” (Punks Jump Up Remix)

In order to include popular dance remixes, we both had to develop our video editing skills.  We tried using Motion and iMovie but eventually came to love the dead on syncing we could do in Ableton Live.
Friendly Fires “Skeleton Boy”

I love introducing people to music videos that they have never seen.  Many people come up to me at Fringe and say I always loved that song but never saw the video!
Le Tigre “Deceptacon”

One of our challenges has been finding videos when no official video is released.  It can be a chance to find an incredible fan video like this one for Deceptacon.

[wpvideo ZGrx711B]
The Good Natured “Skeleton” (Grum Remix)

This is not only one of my favorite bands but one of my favorite videos because it is the first video that neither of us edited.  A fan sent us his own edited version of this video because he loved it so much and wanted to share it with Fringe.
San Cisco “Awkward”

After 3 years, I think our most favorite thing is still finding new videos and songs that we fall in love with and can introduce to our audience.
Fringe 3 Year Bash Promo Video

To celebrate 3 years of indie music videos at Madrone Art Bar, we will be raffling off a pair of tickets to Treasure Island Music Festival as well as giving away some special Fringe swag.

Fringe 3 year Anniversary Bash is this Saturday, July 21 at Madrone Art Bar. More info.