Frank Ocean announced he is bisexual earlier this month—a rare move for someone who moves in R&B and hip-hop circles—but does anybody really care?

Bohemian Newspaper editor Gabe Meline breaks down the vocalist’s July 4th announcment in a recent post:

Ocean was widely hailed as the first rapper to come out as gay, even though he is not a rapper, and even though he did not come out as gay, precisely (even so, he would not have been the first). In the media frenzy, Ocean tweeted about the hate he was receiving—”If only people would stop judging. . . . Looks like I’m finding out who my true fans are”—but from where I stood, he was getting nothing but love.

This could be that we’re in the Bay Area. (After Ocean’s post, the cheapest price online for scalped tickets to Ocean’s sold-out show in San Francisco on July 14 immediately jumped to $125, higher than anywhere else in the nation.) But it’s also because of a worldwide imminent fact of modern times: if you are gay, people born after 1984 totally, absolutely and completely do not care.

Do you agree? Ocean performs tonight for a sold-out—and likely adoring—audience at the Regency Ballroom.