Think the 2012 Olympics in London is the only popular worldwide competition of the summer? Think again! Thinning the lines between sport, performance art, and drunken house party antic, the Air Guitar World Championships are being held in Finland at the end of August.

Gearing up for the big worldwide competition, The Air Guitar Association of the United States has announced that the Regional Competition is making a stop to test the best in San Francisco. On July 14th, contestants from across the Bay Area will step onstage at The Independent to prove their soundless shredding skills.

For some, it may be the perfect cross between battle of the bands and competitive sport, while for others it may be just a hell of a good time, but the Air Guitar World Championship is a legitimate event. In the first round, each competitor will perform a song of their own choosing, while in round two, the best air guitarists from round one will perform a surprise song with no time to prepare. The winner of the San Francisco regional battle will go on to Nationals in Denver.

If you’re the token air guitar soloist when Journey comes on the radio in the car with all your friends, or even if you’ve ever rocked the air guitar alone in the privacy of your own home, Risky Business style, The regional competition at The Independent on July 14th might be worth checking out.