Since leaving Prospect, chef Ravi Kapur has slowly worked his way back into San Francisco’s culinary community. He has had a very successful run of Monday night pop-ups for his latest venture, Liholiho Yacht Club, and will continue them at a new venue on a new day of the week.

Kapur said he was fortunate to have the support of the food community and especially his friends at Citizen’s Band (Chris Beerman, Cheryl Burr and company) for allowing his Liholiho crew to take over their space on Mondays. Starting on Sunday, July 15, Kapur and crew will be taking up residence at State Bird Provisions and offering a similar menu as before, served family style.

Price for the dinner is $50, not including tax and tip, or beverages. Kapur said he will run a dinner on the 15th and 22nd, see how it works and hopefully schedule more in August. He also hopes to not run into the problem of no-shows and cancellations (something I discussed with him at length), which has been difficult for him since he purchases the amount of ingredients based on the number of reservations.

Below is a tentative menu for the first dinner. Reservations can be made through the State Bird Provisions website.

albacore tuna poke, avocado, radish, taro chips

smoked tako, lemon cucumber, fermented turnip, sesame

potato salad, seaweed ranch, crunchy nori

tofu, pickled eggplant, dried shrimp & chili

manilla clams, pork belly, black bean sauce

fried quail korean style

pork ribs with pear, fish sauce & lime

vinegar sausage, vermicelli, peanuts

hurricane corn on the cob

lotus leaf sticky rice

coco puffs

custard mochi