To add a little more heat to your summer, Sea of Bees released a new video for “Gone” off of Orangefarben. Fog be damned, this song will cut through the thickest of blankets.

Sacramento’s Julie Ann Bee has been releasing pop masterpieces as Sea of Bees since 2009. She just has one of those voices that is both unique and intriguing, alluring and familiar. Add that to her total domination of hook-y, heartfelt songwriting and structure and what we’ve got here is a TOTAL PACKAGE. And the best part? The package is for all to hear and enjoy. Released in April, Orangefarben has been eaten up by critics and fans alike, and for good reason, it’s a damn fine record. Where her previous full length – Songs For Ravens – was filled with wistful mysticism and seemed to float, magically, through the air, Orangefarben is slightly more solid, direct and driven. Bee shot the video for “Gone” with friend and skateboarder Mike Rafter. It is simple but it perfectly reflects the feel of the song and the concept of the lyrics which, as you can imagine, are about being gone.

Sea of Bees play the Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival on Saturday, July 21 in Potrero del Sol park. Doors are at 11:30 and the event runs from 12-6pm. Tickets are $7-10 and The Fresh & Onlys, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Gardens & Villa, Dominant Legs, La Sera, and Mwahaha are also playing.

Press Photo by Nick Miller