SRSLY, Delicious Gluten-Free Bread

bread srsly

They say the way to a man’s heart is food–baked goods specifically. But what happens when you bake said man a delicious muffin, only to find out that he’s gluten-free? If you’re Sadie Scheffer, you turn that knowledge into a business and start Bread SRSLY, a gluten-free (GF) bread company.

Sadie, a New Yorker with a background in art and engineering, always had a love for cooking. “I didn’t know many people when I came out here, so I figured the easiest way to get people to hang out with you is to offer free food,” she jokes. She started baking GF bread to both woo her dream-guy, and then learned that she too was allergic to gluten–and the other four main flours used in GF baking. “Gluten-free people have been excluded from the food world,” says Sadie, adding that she was also excluded from the GF world due to her allergies. She knew that she couldn’t be the only one; 1 in 100 people have some sort of gluten allergy though most don’t know it.

Sadie began baking in August of 2011 and moved production into the SF FoodLab kitchen last month. She admits to being very impulsive with her cooking, which allows for “weird” combinations in the Bread SRSLY loaves. “There’s lots of experimentation,” says Sadie. “If it sounds good, it’ll probably taste good.” So how weird are her breads? Recent offerings included Swiss chard ‘rye’ bread and strawberry jam and basil muffins.sadie

The ever-changing menu is one of the things that has customers so excited. Every week, Sadie highlights a local farm and selects ingredients for the week’s offerings from their harvest. She is very passionate about supporting local farmers and loves the opportunity to explore new ingredients, which is something her customers love as well. Also, unlike the usual GF bread that’s sold frozen or is very crumbly, Bread SRSLY products keep well and age well, and are sold extremely fresh.

Bread SRSLY offers free bicycle delivery in some parts of San Francisco, as well as regular pick-up spots. Check out the website for ordering information. Sadie is on the look-out for bikers who are interested in helping out with the deliveries; if interested, contact her at [email protected] or via Twitter (@breadSrsly).


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