I am unhealthily addicted to macaroons. And not just the standard toasted coconut variety. I also love those little French sandwichy-type things. I need them like I need oxygen to breath. Here are a few places around the city that help satiate my rampant cravings…

Chantal Guillon Macarons (437 Hayes Street) is an extraordinarily elegant pastry strop in Hayes Valley that specializes in the French incarnation of this indelible edible. For $1.70 a pop, you can enjoy a veritable bounty of unique flavors like Green Tea, Peach Bellini, and my personal favorite: Salted Caramel. Nothing seems to epitomize the epic melding of salty and sweet so well as salted caramel. I could probably have salted caramel cardboard for dessert and not complain one bit.

Fillmore Bakeshop (1890 Fillmore Street) brings their own creative touch to the French confection with their coconut mac. It’s like a big mac-a-roon, with several layers of heavenly decadence. The coconut creme filling is blanketed by a crisped rice membrane that adds a desirable crunchiness to the already intoxicating flavors of tropical sweetness. If you have yet to try one, get down to lower Pac Heights like right now. You’re wasting your time doing anything else.

The more common style coconut macaroon is more of a cookie, consisting of moist, shredded coconut shards baked to a light brown with copious amounts of sugar and usually coated with a thin layer of chocolate. There are so many places around the city to enjoy a quality offering, but I recommend trying one that is distinctly San Franciscan. And for an example of such, look no further than the chocolate covered umm, macaroon that is the hottest item at Hot Cookie (407 Castro Street) in the Castro. It’s a flavorful treat to be sure, but if you don’t know what you’re in for, I suggest you try Googling it first. Let’s just say that it’s not exactly a family-friendly affair.