Summer Salad

It’s always a good idea to eat light and healthy, although it’s never as easy as we’d like it to be. This part of the year, however is a great time to make your own nutritious salads as the greens are fresh and eating heavy can weigh you down under that hot summer sun.

And salads don’t have to be boring, either. I whipped together this tasty ensemble for lunch today using my favorite green, arugula, as a base:

Put some arugula into a salad bowl, finely chop some red peppers and throw them into the mix. Cut a few onion slices and add some lentil beans. Break up a few pieces of bleu cheese on top and include a few thin slices of dried Italian meat if you really wanna go crazy. Finally, lightly douse your beautiful concoction with a homemade dressing. I use a simple combination of olive oil, minced garlic and apple cider vinegar to keep things light and flavorful.

The end result will be as pleasant to look at as it is to devour, so be sure to take a few photos to brag to all of your unhealthy friends throughout the social media realm.

I washed down my healthy lunch with a local batch of Chamomile iced tea that I brewed myself and garnished with some fresh mint. When all was said and down, I was supremely refreshed and–not feeling uncomfortably full–I was anxious to greet the afternoon summer sun without anything holding me back. Now if only I could eat this sensibly every day, I might be able to consider vegetarianism. I could almost get away with it too, if it weren’t for that pesky bacon!