Almanac Beer Co. and Chef David Bazirgan and his staff at Fifth Floor are partnering up for a unique dinner exploring food pairings with seasonal craft beers.

The dinner, set for Wednesday June 27, will feature many of Almanac’s best brews along with the skillful pairings of Chef Bazirgan, highlighting the pairing potential of beers and great cuisine.

Below is a look at the menu:

Foie terrine, blackberries, cassis, cubeb pepper gastrique, pistachio bread

Vintage Barrel Aged Golden with Blackberries

Market Harvest, buttermilk dressing, Zaatar, compressed plums

Farmhouse Pale with Plums

Spot Prawn dumplings, lemongrass broth, kaffir lime, rice crackers

Winter Wit with Oranges and Ginger

Suckling Pig Confit, Bronze fennel, Maple, peas, urfa chili

Biere de Mars with Fennel

Strawberry passion fruit chiboust, grains of paradise cake, black garlic paper, black garlic compressed strawberries, eucalyptus ice cream

Farmer’s Almanac cocktail: Buffalo Trace bourbon, eucalyptus syrup, lemon and Alamanac Winter Wit Beer

The dinner will be $120 and begins at 5:30 p.m. Click here for reservations.



Photo Credit: Almanac Beer Co.