Summertime gives way to a certain amount of immutable truths. Among them: sunshine, seafood and white wine. When the warm weather is beating down, you need a refreshing alcoholic beverage that can provide a pleasant buzz without being so heavy that it knocks you out. Here in the Bay Area we like to keep things local and organic and thankfully there is an overwhelming abundance of both.

Enter Organic Vintners California Collections 2007 Sauvignon Blanc. Boasting a hefty 14.2% ABV, this crisp, clean juice has the floral aromas of the season: citrus, tropical fruit, bright, rose and lavender. It is the perfect accompaniment to freshly grilled trout or salmon. And not just to drink along with it, this wine is actually very well-suited to cook seafood with. I am a big fan of making a white clam sauce with pasta, a very simple recipe that requires a dozen littlenecks, some garlic and parsley, olive oil and this beautiful certified organic white that comes from our nifty neighbors to the North.

Bottled in Ukiah, you know that when you pop the cork on this lusciously light liquid it hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for very long at all. And that’s good, because 2007 Sauv Blanc’s are rearing to go right now. Best of all, because its local it really isn’t all that pricy at around $20 per bottle. I could go on and on about the joys of summer in the Bay Area, but at the end of the day, talk is cheap. I’d rather get out to the beach for a sunset over the Pacific with a nice bright white and some freshly-sizzled seafood and let the experience be worth countless words.