Earlier this year, we wrote about Kitchit, a bespoke dining experience, where the chef and party come to participating users. After the company’s successful launch in San Francisco, it has expanded to New York and Los Angeles and is now offering a pretty cool deal.

Partnering with Klout, a website that measures a person’s social influence online, Kitchit is now offering discounts on dinners up to $500 depending on a person’s Klout score.

Klout measures a person’s online influence on a scale of 1 to 100. Some of the actions used to measure a parson’s influence include: Twitter (retweets and mentions), Facebook (comments, wall posts, likes), LinkedIn (comments, likes), Foursquare and Google + among other numerous social networking sites. The higher the score, the more influence a person is determined to have and that also can include some pretty cool Klout perks.

Now, the latest perk is giving Bay Area food lovers a chance to get deep discounts on a Kitchit dinner. Here is how Klout scores will equate to Kitchit savings: A score of 21-40 = $20 off a dinner, 41 to 60 = $50 off, 61 to 80 = $100 off and 81 to 99 = $500 off.

Imagine having a dinner party with Josh Skenes of Saison, Corey Lee of Benu or several other prominent Bay Area chefs at just a portion of the price.

Anyone interested can sign up for both Klout and Kitchit. When signing up for Klout, a person will receive their rewards code and can gain access to this offer through the Klout website and then use the discount when booking the dinner through Kitchit.



Photo Credit: Grant Ellis