Portland’s lo-fi, stoner-rock, garage revivalists White Fang are on a rampage. Listen to “Coffee Table” now before the weed hits the fan.

Admittedly, releasing both a full-length and an EP on the same day seems a bit overzealous, but if anyone can get away with it, it’s White Fang. The Portland, Oregon-based DIY weed-ripping punkers have been bonging their way through the PDX basement scene since 2007 and have accumulated a ton of street cred in the process. They are fully committed to documenting their lackadaisical lifestyle in true-to-form methods, i.e. recording in basements on to 2-tracks and releasing on cassette tape. The results are not surprising: noisy, garbled, unintelligible lyrical lines, mid-song tempo shifts, the sound of a moment in time being captured with all it’s messy clarity present. White Fang take lo-fi and make it no-fi and I mean this to be a compliment. There is no exactitude within this process. White Fang are reckless, youthful and free. Their recordings display this perfectly and I’m sure their live show follows the same strategy. That is – no strategy. And why not? Let’s take this whole lo-fi rock thing to the next level. Let’s get down in the dirt, White Fang style. Have a listen to their new single “Coffee Table” off of the band’s soon-to-be-released EP High Expectations (Burger Records) and less than 60 seconds later, after your heart has been won, start saving to buy their full-length Positive Feedback (Marriage Recs). Both are out on June 12.

White Fang will be playing Brick & Mortar Tuesday, July 3 w/ Pamela. Doors are at 8, show is at 9 and this is a FREE event.

(I couldn’t find a photo credit for the feature image but whoever took it is my hero.)