On the border of Union Square and Chinatown lies someplace jean-ius—Industrie Denim. The two story complex caters a vast array of denim jeans to fit every human body variation.

Launched in the fall of 2011, Industrie Denim strives to have the best and largest selection of jeans. This is no jean bar tucked in the back of some boutique. No, this place is a full-on denim gallery.

For those overwhelmed by too many choices, a Jean-ius representative can help locate the right pair of jeans to fit one’s body type. And for those who want to make sure their asses looks good without going on just someone’s word, then the Booty Cam can help them see it for themselves. Without having to twist or turn, shoppers can simply look straight on and inspect their derrières on the ass cams. Any one of the customized dressing rooms can give you the feel of what is going to look good.

Industrie Denim carries mostly American brands. Two big anchoring names are Levi Strauss and Ralph Lauren. Some of the other labels include Adriano Goldschmeid, Comme des Ga rç ons, Nudie Jeans Co, Paige, Earnest Sewn and Rich + Skinny. Besides offering a great selection of names, Industrie Denim also offers a range of styles and price points that appeases to a number of shoppers’ tastes and wallets.

For women, on trend for this year is colored denim. On the ground floor ladies can find a red polka dot pair ($185) by Paige and a blue brocade pair ($158) by Rich + Skinny. For solid hues, try the raspberry bell bottom in a cotton blend ($189) by Mother Denim. The look is fitted with just the right amount of both flare and flair. Also not to miss—cut-off, 5-pocket denim shorts ($99) in ombre brown, teal or persimmon by Rich & Skinny.

For men, ascend the stairs to the top floor where a collection of denim jeans line against exposed walls and atop tables. Assistants stand by to advise but also step back to give shoppers freedom to preview all the styles, washes, cuts and blends at their own leisure.

Alongside the ample selection of denim are plenty selections of tops and jackets to complete a look. Rag & Bone’s black knitted cardigan ($495) is a great staple look. There are work shirts, henley tops and graphic tees as well. And for the quirky, consider a button-down grey shirt ($195) with a mustard yellow bow tie by Closed.

Although offering a complete range of denim wear is Industrie Denim’s mission, the boutique also shares its floor space to showcase a menagerie of items: red mushroom toys by Plan Toys, argyle socks by Happy Socks, and trucker caps ($20) by Coal. There are glass showcases of local jewelry designers, candles, soap dishes and other knickknacks that are perfect as gifts.

Unlike some of the chains that dominate Union Square, Industrie Denim carries an inventive spirit throughout the store. The décor displays salvaged photographs and other paraphernalia which have been sourced from local flea markets and junkyards. Even the display cases like an orange baby grand piano top, showcase the sense of reinventing discarded vintage items into the coveted new. It’s this spirit of showing denim in so many new ways from its beginnings at Levis to its present day look along with other reputable brands that makes Industrie Denim simply a jeanie-geinus.


Industrie Denim

300 Grant Ave. Suite 320

San Francisco, CA 94108

Monday – Saturday, 10am to 7pm

Sunday, 11am to 7pm