This Saturday, June 2, No Way Back presents a special set of live performances at Monarch with locals C.L.A.W.S., Caltrop, It’s Own Infinite Flower, and headlined by the secretive techno group, Dopplereffekt.

The author behind Dopplereffekt is Detroiter Gerald Donald, who goes by the pseudonym Heinrich Mueller. Donald draws on science and German aesthetics to elaborate on futurism and technology as the main concepts behind the outfit. Coupled with the cold feel of machine music, it came as no surprise when the group came to be known as “America’s response to Kraftwerk.”

But the spirit of Kraftwerk isn’t all that can be heard in their music. Over the years, Dopplereffekt has managed to develop unique sounds that range from electropop to ambient proto-techno. They have been credited as one of the influential groups to make a nod to new wave and industrial to kick-start the revival of 90s electro. After the mid-90s, they made a departure from danceable rhythms to more freeform experimentalism, touching on the works of early electronic music pioneers and musique concrete.

They released their first several albums through their own Dataphysix Engineering imprint, but label boss of Berlin-based International Deejay Gigolo Records, DJ Hell, picked up their later releases, including the compilation, Gesamtkunstwerk. On this label, Dopplereffekt, along with some of Donald’s other projects, shares the roster with a diverse set of artists including Anthony “Shake” Shakir, DMX Krew, and Miss Kitten.

Donald is probably best known for his work with the equally secretive Drexicya, whose productions have a similar feel to Dopplereffekt’s with more dance-floor oriented tracks. Other notable aliases include Der Zyklus, Japanese Telecom, Arpanet, and the latest project Zwischenwelt. Zwischenwelt, which translates roughly to “interworld,” revolves around concepts of paranormal psychology. For a taste, you can listen to Heinrich Mueller’s RA.250 Zwischenwelt podcast here.

If you’re interested in techno history, or just plain weird music, this will be a unique opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

Catch Dopplereffekt with No Way Back at Monarch this Saturday, June 2. Support from DJs Josh Cheon, Robot Hustle, and residents, Conor and Solar. More information and tickets can be found here.